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Compliance Creed is a fully outfitted instructional design and custom eLearning development service.  We have the skills and experience to provide a right-sized solution that will meet the needs of your organization, whether starting from an initial training needs analysis to developing microlearning modules, videos, or fully-customized eLearning courses.   

A learner's performance on the starting game determines the content that follows. This allows the right sizing of instruction to fit the training need. 

Launch Sample ➞

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Adaptive Compliance Education

Transform compliance training into an exhilarating and interactive experience with our innovative "Compliance Challenge" Game Board. Designed to captivate learners of all levels, this Jeopardy-like game board is a powerful tool for teaching crucial compliance topics in an engaging and memorable way.

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Anti-Harassment Micro Learning

Learn easily with practical knowledge on-the-go. Our lessons are engaging and accessible on mobile. In this scenario, we explore sexual harassment and gaslighting in the workplace.

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This example is taken from a responsible social media usage course that addresses queries regarding what material an employee is allowed to post on social media and what is prohibited.

Spam Verse Phishing
Phishing vs Spam - Explainer Video

Video short describes the difference between phishing attacks and spam. Questions would follow if set as a microlearning path. 

Responsive Design
Ethics - Responsive Design​

Modern training must be device and browser agnostic. Roughly half of all the web traffic is on a mobile device. This sample is both engaging and responsive regardless of the browser or OS. 

Translated Course
One Voice Many Languages

This sample highlights one approach to translation. The Compliance Creed team has years of experience with multi-lingual courses

More Samples

We at Compliance Creed have many solutions in our toolbox. 

Awareness video developed for a cancer non-profit 

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